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Here, you may post your fan art from the Legend of Zelda: The Last Blademaster. My best of intentions for all who join.

There are Three Primary Rules (TPR) That I must instill though

-Blood and Gore-I like a good fight scene as much as the next guy, but I urge contributors to not be overly graphic. Fight scenes and battle sequences are good, but macabere art, including overly excessive gore (ex. spilled guts, more than one severed head or what not, and just plain revolting art), will not be tolerated. Please be a little....conservative with your blood work.

-Romantic Restrictions-Zelink is strongly encouraged here, as well as what I call ZelErik (meaning will take effect as the story continues ^^) so feel free to be a heart throb. How ever, I have restrictions on what is so-called "intimate activity" here. Sensual materal must have a mature rating to be posted here and I will not tolerate explicit sexual art at all. ART OF SUCH NATURE THAT IS POSTED WILL BE REMOVED AT OWNER'S EXPENSE!!!! don't mean to shout, but I must make it clear that I do not approve of lewd art.

-Consistency and Quality- This is site based on my fanfiction. Please try to make your art have something to do with the story. Random Zelda art will be removed unless the is an explained significance about it. Quality is also a factor. Please be neat with your work. I will not accept shoddy or hastily made art forms. Sketches and concepts are acceptable only if the art and title states so. If your art is taking a long time, don't worry; this group isn't going anywhere.

I am sorry to sound so oppressive But I want this to be a place where some one can browse good art and not have to say "WTF IS THIS?!" I hope we will never encounter such a problem.

I(Mixmaster900/Mike) reserve the right to remove any article for any reason, and I will state the reason for removing such art (privately) with the owner.

Oh, one last thing. If anyone plans to make a youtube video with art posted here, PLEASE contact me AND the respective artist for permission FIRST!!! This is to ensure the owners privacy and "copyright".

Thank you for reading and for your contributions. Happy reading and Happy posting!!!!!!!



It has been a year since the events of the Twilight Princess, know in Hyrule as the Twilight Crisis. Life had more or less returned to normal and the castle had been rebuilt. Zelda now resumed her duties as Queen and Link had regained his peaceful life. All is well in the land of Hyrule.

Then the peace is shattered abruptly when a greivously injured swordsman with astonishing powers stumbles into Link and Zelda's lives. At the same time, sinister forces begin to rear their heads. Zelda loses contact with the southern kingdoms of the Alliance, and hears whispers of the return of a nameless evil from time immemorial, an evil that predates the existence of Hyrule.

In the end, Link and the stranger will have to settle their differences and join forces if they are to defeat a vicious enemy who is not bent on conquering Hyrule, but destroying it...







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Mixmaster900 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Kinda embarrasing. I've been running this thing for two weeks and I've only got one member. Oh, well. I guess everything takes time...
Mixmaster900 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Welcome to Ithallian Legion!!! Before you post art, please read the TPR's.